Tech Review – MIFO S Active Noise Cancelling True Wireless Earbuds

The MIFO S belongs to Sport & outdo (S&O) brand (owned by Mifo), and the brand name “Sport&outdo” The MIFO S Active Noise Cancelling True Wireless Earbuds are the latest of a huge range of earbuds in for review making it another hot year for the true wireless market, with prices coming down and the user getting more features it makes it harder for choice but this depends on what you want, with these earbuds they have a smaller profile than most and in fact the smallest earbuds this year so far that I have tested including the many pairs in which you will soon see reviewed.

The presentation of the product is also quite nice however what you see on the box does not transcribe to what is inside and by that I mean the case and the earbuds cover however the product inside is excellent considering its size and some might prefer the actual finished product itself which looks really cool, well made and much more.

Comfort and Fit

These are small earbuds with a clever design and the look cool and stand out too, they fit well and will not fall out due to the “horn design” without the added gel wings we tend to find with earbuds, the right tips is of course important and once you have them on the passive noise isolation is excellent too and they do not hurt when changing tracks and so on.


The controls are easy to use too with a concave finish on the earbud itself, even for my big fingers it was no problem getting things done which was something I was worried about having huge hands but to my surprise they worked well, all the usuals you expect to find are here as demonstrated in the video review below, volume up/down skip/; reverse tracks and so on.You have three modes – Long press for one second to switch to mild noise reduction mode, strong noise reduction mode, or transparent mode, you can see more in the video review on the operation of the earbuds.


Well.. These have no app and when I see earbuds coming without an app I get a bit bothered but trust me if you like bass these are for you, they are base heavy which I like bit some may not and they do a great job overall with highs lows and mids and any thing you are doing with them in fact so with Netflix YouTube and movies you will be pleased with the audio experience from these tiny earbuds that pack a huge punch for their size.

MIFO S active noise cancelling earbuds techbuzzireland

Battery Life

Like these guys are tiny earbuds and they come with a decent battery life too after testing for some time they average around 38.5 hours on max volume which is impressive given their size the case they come in too is also super cool and robust and one of the nicest ones this year so far, I like my earbuds cases to be different and these are different and the build quality is better than most at this price point.