MIFO S ANC Wireless Earbuds Review: The brand’s Best Sports Earbuds

Several months ago, we reviewed MIFO 05, a decent pair of earbuds from this brand, with good design and sound quality. Now we have another product from MIFO, the MIFO S. Or should I say it’s the MIFO Sports S, as I suppose this is a new series of MIFO to differentiate the product from other series, and when you see all the colorways and design, it’s clear that this product is quite unique, and should be packed with a lot of outstanding features. Now let’s check out these MIFO S earbuds. 

First, let’s look at the packaging and the design of the earbuds. There is some information that you might have noticed at the first glance, including SPORT & OUTDOOR, ANC wireless sports earbuds, 6 Mics Noise-canceling, IP67 Water & dust proof, and some other key features, which we will talk about a bit later in this review. The deep blue and flashy green colors are applied all over, which makes them really stand out from others.

Open the box, the manual and accessories are in the upper drawer, and the earbuds lie in the other drawer of the box, I must say that they have really put some good thoughts into the box design and made the unboxing experience a little more pleasant. 

As for the earbuds, there are a lot of words about various sports printed on the case, So if you gather all the info we have talked about so far, then you will know that you can totally wear them outdoor doing all kinds of sports. The intro video on their official site shows you that you can go for a run, skateboarding, and even swimming. And with the unique pattern on the case and earbuds really brings the whole experience to another level. 

Here we also want to talk about its industrial design. The case is metal, not sure what material exactly that is, but definitely can protect the earbuds and battery inside since you will be using them outdoor a lot. The hinge has been upgraded; it has a certain standing angle, so the cover stays there and you can pick the earbuds out easily. And the only button there somehow plays both the role of securing the cover and some button controls. The battery supports 6 hours from the buds and 40 hours in total from the charging case.

I have been using these earbuds for several days now, they stay with a snug fit in my ears, and there is no discomfort at all, mainly because it’s tiny and with a hook. The earbud is small as you can see, it’s just not bulky at all. 

When we talk about ANC wireless earbuds, two key features are sound quality and ANC performance. About the sound quality, we tested them, and it’s relatively stable in the low, medium and high range, the layers are clear, and it has a good consistency.  After listening to Victory and My Soul, the performance is satisfying overall, the bass is strong and vocal parts are acceptable, and the overall audio is rich in details. So in general, the drivers they used compliment the rhythm of the music with characteristics, and it’s never sloppy. It is safe to say that it’s one of the best sound performances among the brand’s wireless earbuds we have used.

On the packaging, Mifo says the earbud has 6 mics for noise canceling, up to 30dB performance with ANC and ENC, the mics in three directions will pick up the noise outside and balance them out with their latest algorithm. They performed relatively well when we tested them outside and on the metro. And it’s also very impressive that it has IP67 water and dust proof, even though there are some tiny holes on the surface. 

However, you may wonder whether it’s good for wearing them to sleep? Wouldn’t that be just fascinating, right? Well, the sleeping mode usually only shows up in some really high-end earphone brands, and there are even some earbuds created just for sleeping and got medical certificates. Now this function in MIFO S is not perfect, at least to me, when I turn on the sleep mode, there is always some electric current sound there, and it will automatically connect to my phone or computer a while later, then the sleep mode is turned off. Now imagine in that situation, do you really want to hear all the notifications or phone calls while you are sleeping? 

Another very personal complaint about the earbuds, or perhaps all the ANC earbuds, is related to the balance of ANC and other touch control settings. ANC is the number one feature, and almost every brand gives the single touch control or long-press to switch between ANC/Mild ANC/Transparency mode, which means some basic functions like next song, the volume control will inevitably be changed to double-tap, or even triple tap. I suppose there is no workaround for this, especially if you want ANC as the priority.