Sport&outdo Mifo S Wireless Sport Earbuds Review

What’s the one thing you need to get you hyped at the gym or on a run? No, it’s not your shoes, though you need them too. It’s your tunes. Nothing helps energize you more than a playlist of your favorite songs but you can’t just go blasting those on a speaker for everyone to hear. Instead, you need a pair of wireless headphones or earbuds, preferably something really comfortable with great audio quality. There are actually a lot of choices out there but today, we’re looking at the Sport&outdo (S&O) Mifo S. These are true wireless earbuds featuring a lightweight design, premium sound quality, long battery life, and IP67 waterproof rating so they’ll survive your active lifestyle.


Before we get deeper into the specs and experience, let’s start this off by talking about the design. The Sport&outdo Mifo S is small. Probably one of the smallest-sized wireless earbuds I’ve seen. They are 2.5cm and 3.5g in weight. As a comparison, my daughter has really small ears because she’s only 11 years old and most wireless earbuds I have her try out are way too big. The bulk of most wireless earbuds won’t fit in her ear canal and they end up just falling out because of the size. That’s not the case with the Sport&outdo Mifo S. These things not only fit in small ears, but they are also designed with small ear hooks that help keep them in place. These are the only wireless earbuds that have ever been able to fit in my daughter’s ears, so if you have smaller ear canals, these are the wireless earbuds for you. I should mention that they’re also super comfortable to wear.

Anyways, the design itself is also quite unique. It has almost a teardrop shape but angled at the tips. These are the hooks that help keep them in your ear. The earbuds are mostly made of plastic, but depending on what color you purchase, the outer portion is color matched to the case. In my case, the color is called Star Black and is almost like a dark chrome. The ear tips are made of silicone I believe and include a neon green accent on them which is neat looking.

The charging case for the Sport&outdo Mifo S is also pretty unique. It looks like a rounded-off hockey puck with a button on the side. Press the button and the top opens up like a makeup compact mirror. On the inside of the case are LED charge indicators and the Sport&outdo Mifo S sits snugly inside. The case is charged via USB-C and it also functions as a charging case for the earbuds when not in use. The case has some heft to it and feels strong and solid.


The Sport&outdo Mifo S does include some great specs. for starters, it has Active Noice Cancelation (ANC) and includes a 3-mic setup on each earbud. It has active noise cancellation of up to -30dB to clear voice transmission in any environment. You also get ENC (Environmental Noise Cancelation) and CVC (Clear Voice Capture). In conjunction with the noise cancelation, you also get Balanced Armature speaker drivers for clear, crisp audio. The Sport&outdo Mifo S utilizes Bluetooth 5.2 and each earbud can be used independently of each other. These also feature touch-based audio controls, where you just tap or hold on each earbud to engage a function.

The earbuds are IP67 waterproof rated mainly to protect them against sweat and corrosion, which is a very important factor if you’re using them for working out and high-intensity activities.


I’m sure what you really want to know is how these sound. I’m happy to report that despite their diminutive size, the Sport&outdo Mifo S is quite good at pushing out a good amount of volume. Not only that, the audio they produce is very clean. Vocals are loud and clear and they provide a full range of sounds. I’m also pretty impressed with the amount of bass they push out which is more than most tiny earbuds can provide.

Active Noise Canceling also seems to work quite well with the ability to choose two different types – strong and mild. You even get a Transparency mode so you can hear what’s going on around you while your music is playing. Very useful if you need to be aware of your surroundings but still want to jam out.

What I really like about the Sport&outdo Mifo S however is their comfort. This is probably because of their small size but they fit in my ears perfectly. Some of the larger earbuds always cause fatigue and pain in my ears due to them pushing up against my ear canals, but these do not. When working out or going for a run, I barely even notice them in my ears which goes a long way towards comfort. I highly recommend these for people with smaller ears.