MIFO S review: Headphones that can be worn for sleep

The market demand for true wireless bluetooth is becoming stronger and stronger, and it has gradually become a standard for young people. Without the shackles of the headphone cable, travel is more convenient. AppleSonySamsung, etc. have launched true wireless noise-cancelling bluetooth headphones, and I also bought several true wireless bluetooth headsets unknowingly.

Not long ago, MIFO released the MIFO S active noise reduction true wireless bluetooth earphones, which is unique in shape and powerful. It was finally on the shelves recently, so I did not hesitate to buy one, and then I will bring you a detailed evaluation of it.

Regardless of the product, in addition to looking at performance, we will also care about appearance design. The value of appearance is really a kind of productivity nowadays! Therefore, the appearance design must be attentive. As a must-have product for urban petty bourgeoisie life, headphones must also look good. Without further ado, let’s just open the box and take a look.

The design language of the MIFO S charging case is simple and elegant, with a compact shape and a strong fashion style. In addition to this version, there is also a blue and white porcelain version, which is also very beautiful.

In terms of interface, MIFO S uses the mainstream Type-C charging interface, which can be charged by any C-port charging cable at home. The earphone has a single battery life of 7 hours, and the total battery life of the charging case is up to 40 hours. If you listen to songs for 2-3 hours a day, you can use it for a week, which can fully meet your daily needs.

As for the appearance, it still exudes a strong sporty atmosphere, which is highly consistent with the outer packaging! It is very different from AirPods Pro and SONY WF-1000XM4. It can be seen that manufacturers have also spent a lot of thought. The surface of MIFO S earphones is made of composite material, after many processes, it feels smooth and comfortable to the touch, and it is not easy to be contaminated with fingerprints and dust.

MIFO S single earphone weighs 3.5g and uses a common deflection catheter in-ear design. This is also the most mature solution at present, which can meet the comfort of most people, and it is not easy to fall after wearing it, and it can also enhance the effect of noise reduction. Although the design of the earphone surface is well-defined, the surroundings of the body are rounded, so that the ears will not be squeezed during the wearing of the earphone. In particular, the shape of MIFO S earbuds completely conforms to the ear canal, and it is very comfortable to wear to sleep. This is what makes MIFO S unique.

MIFO S is equipped with Bluetooth 5.2 chip, supports SBC transmission, does not support APTX. Compared with bluetooth 5.0, bluetooth 5.2 has lower power consumption, faster pairing, stronger compatibility, and more stable signal transmission. It can be heard clearly even at 30 meters. The biggest feeling is that when playing the game, I can clearly feel that there is almost no delay.

At the same time, MIFO S uses active noise reduction chips, up to 30dB. The noise reduction mode is suitable for listening to music in a variety of noisy environments and can reduce external environmental noise. I deliberately went to the noisy street, and the moment I opened the MIFO S, everything seemed to be quiet.

As a true wireless bluetooth headset, it has always been an inevitable topic to wear and fall easily. Wired headsets can also rely on the restraint of wires to prevent them from being dropped, but true wireless bluetooth headsets have no such advantage. Once lost, you can imagine the embarrassment of only one headset. MIFO S is based on ear canal data collection and adopts horn ergonomic design, which is comfortable to wear and cannot be thrown off. Even if you are a sports enthusiast, you can take it and run.

More intimately, MIFO S has also added a sleep mode, which makes it more comfortable to fall asleep with it. This is the first time I have seen this design.

Finally, let’s talk about phone calls. This is what I care about most. I have used several headsets before, and the call effect is very poor. The sound is either low or intermittent. The call effect of MIFO S is satisfactory. Through artificial intelligence technology, it can intelligently identify human voices and environmental noises during a call, and process environmental noises, so that they can hear clearly and brightly even in noisy streets and subways.