Mifo S Review

What’s In the Box

  • Mifo S ANC True Wireless Earbuds
  • Charging case
  • USB-A to USB-C cable
  • User manual
  • Ear tips x4 (XS, S, M, L)


I’m going to start with the charging case today because it does a great job of standing out from the crowd. The first thing you’ll notice is the bold lime green stripe with “SPORT&OUTDO” text on it. A motif of sports-associated words surrounds this, and the result is striking and energetic.

The case feels amazing and premium in the hands. It’s smooth to the touch and has a nice heft to it. There’s a USB-C port on the back and a button on the front releases and opens the spring-loaded lid. Inside the case are 3 LED indicators that display the case’s battery level and, of course, the Mifo S earbuds.

The Mifo S earbuds are tiny! They sport the same word motif pattern with a lime green S&O (Sport & Outdo) logo on the faceplates. There’s a curved fin on the top that helps to hold the earbuds securely in your ears.

I can’t stress just how small these TWS earphones are; they simply disappear snugly into your ears but never feel as though they might fall out. These earbuds are ideal for sleeping because you can lay on your side without feeling them at all. Likewise, they’re great for sports and activities too as the fit is really secure.

An IPX67 rating means the Mifo S is sweat and rain resistant. What’s more, you can even wear these in the shower without needing to worry!

The touch controls are responsive and work as intended. It can be a bit difficult to find the earbuds sometimes because they’re so small in my ear but for the most part, the controls are pleasant to use.

Calls, Video and Game Performance

Despite the earbuds’ tiny size and the way they sit deep inside your ears, the microphone quality is quite good. The mic is clear and does a good job of attenuating outside noise.Watching videos is great because there are no sync issues between video and audio. The Mifo S has very low latency even in the standard mode so it’s great for gaming. For an even better experience though, turn on the low-latency mode and you’ll be fragging foes like a pro.

Active Noise Cancellation

There are 3 ANC modes on the Mifo S: strong, mild and transparent. The mild ANC mode actually just seems to be the ANC turned off – the mild part comes from the passive noise isolation (which is significant due to the close fit.

Strong ANC mode attenuates some external noise but is nowhere near class-leading. It’s fine for reducing the noise of air conditioners, computer fans and vehicle engines but don’t expect Bose or Airpods Pro levels of reduction.

The transparency mode works to some extent by slightly elevating sounds around you. It’s not very effective when there’s music playing but is still useful when you’re on the move or around traffic and need some awareness of your surroundings.


The Mifo S has a V-shaped sound signature with meaty bass and lively treble. You’d be forgiven for thinking this was a dynamic driver earphone; the balanced armature driver in the Mifo S punches with gusto.

Even sub-bass notes rumble with confidence. I was genuinely surprised by the power of the bass. The BA driver is very fast so it doesn’t muddy up the midrange despite its boosted levels.

The midrange is slightly recessed but clear and detailed. Vocals have a fairly natural tone with some underlying warmth carried over from the bass. Instruments sound good too – perhaps a tad thin in the upper registers which is a result of the treble tuning. Instrument separation is pretty good but there is a bit of congestion during complex rock tracks.

The treble is energetic and detailed but is forward in the mix and may sound aggressive to treble-sensitive listeners. However, there’s no sibilance on vocals and even brighter female vocals are pleasing to the ears. It’s a somewhat thin upper treble making cymbals and electric guitar screeches sound splashy, especially at higher volume.